If there’s one thing I remember about Rotorua, it’s that lovely, penetrating rotten egg smell. However, after having a look around all Rotorua has to offer, that smell quickly disappears to the background (well.. to a certain extent).

Nicknamed ‘Sulphur City’, Rotorua’s distinctive smell comes from the hydrogen sulphide emissions in the area. I learned that because of this, people sometimes also refer to it as ‘rotten-rua’. The more you know.. Continue reading “UP IN THE TREES”


To be writing this feels surreal. We have been waiting to go to New Zealand (which is Justin’s home country) for so long that I felt like it wasn’t going to happen anymore. We knew we wanted to go for a much longer time than our last stay (which was only about 3 weeks, 3 years ago), so that meant a lot more planning and (for me at least) a lot more worries.

After both getting our drivers license (yeah, we’re a little late to the game) we quit our jobs, moved back in with our parents and finally booked some tickets!

I set up this website so I could update our family, friends and anyone else interested.

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